A bit about us


Trade only supplier

Our focus is to provide complete solutions to the trade only. This clear focus allows us to provide the best customer service and the highest quality products to the trade.


High Quality products

Absolute attention to detail and quality in all aspects of product sourcing and supply is the fundamental priority of our business model. When we develop a new product, we look domestically and world wide to factories with the skills and equipment to provide the highest quality products, and deliver on time at a competitive price.

Our factories are continually evaluated on a range of business factors such as technologies, skill, quality, location, price, customer service and ability to deliver on time. Our dedicated Quality Control Team visit factories regularly to oversee internal QC programs.


Lowest price, guaranteed

Having regard to the costs of sophisticated sourcing, quality control management, operating distribution facilities and providing the best customer service, we pass on the lowest prices possible. We believe that complimentary business can only be achieved when we operate under this discipline.


A huge range - one stop shop

We pride ourselves on providing complete range solutions. When we release a product range, we aim to provide a diverse and complete solution - a one stop shop. We strive to save our customers time by providing one purchase destination with the best prices. Providing complete range solutions also allows us to control the quality of the entire system.


Delivery to your door

With multiple distribution centres across the country with products in stock and dedicated delivery trucks, we aim to provide fast delivery every time. As well as utilising our own trucks, we have developed strong relationships with key transport providers across Australia so we can deliver to you even when the job is not so close to home.


Easy installation

We design products with installation considerations in mind to ensure they are as easy to install as possible. Many of the products we offer have handy installation advantages built in.