Frameless and semi-frameless glass balustrade systems

Advantages of glass balustrade

Glass balustrade allows for the beauty of uninterrupted views while providing a protective barrier. The various fixing methods mean that glass can be installed to meet client expectations. Hardware options include spigots, channel, stand offs or posts which may be fitted to horizontal or vertical surfaces.

Frameless glass balustrade using channel
Australis semi-frameless glass balustrade in black powder coat

A huge range of products

We supply a large suite of balustrade systems including hardware and glass. We aim to be a ‘one stop shop’ providing balustrade solutions at the best trade prices. All systems are designed and manufactured to the highest standards and are tested to ensure compliance to relevant Australian Standards. Price, quality and safety are our primary focuses.


Capture the stunning look of a frameless glass balustrade with the highest quality glass, spigots and handrails. All of our glass is clear toughened and heat soaked, suitable for handrails to be glazed on top or alternatively, provide with drill holes for offset handrail fixing. A large range of spigots and handrails in round and square styles ensures all client expectations can be met.

Slimline square top glaze stainless steel handrail
Slimline round top glaze stainless steel handrail
Slimline square offset stainless steel handrail
Slimline round offset stainless steel handrail

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A huge range of new products now on offer

Patented Versatilt adjustable glass channel system

NOTE: 12mm thick acrylic used for photographic purposes only

Versatilt CHANNEL

PATENTED glass tilt adjustable channel system

  • Suits 12mm to 15mm toughened glass (including SGP toughened laminate glass)
  • Pre-machined elongated fixing holes
  • Easy snap-on covers hide all fixings
  • Highest quality complete channel system + easy to install!
  • Tilt adjust and tighten off glass from INSIDE the balcony

Florida slimline top glaze aluminium handrail

Available in matt black powder coat, satin anodised or mill finish

Accessories available

Florida handrail

A cost effective & stylish solution for 12mm thick frameless glass balustrading

    Glass Outlet is excited to announce the release of the aluminium Florida rail suitable for 12mm frameless glass. This innovative complete handrail system is offered at unbeatable pricing and quality

    • Satin anodised, matt black or mill finish
    • Mill finish rail can be easily powder coated to your desired colour
    • Balustrade compliant
    • Range of accessories to match

    MOD50 semi-frameless parapet fitting

    MOD50 Parapet fitting

    Benefits & features:

    • Ideal rail support for hob walls
    • Includes flat, 38.1mm diameter & 50.8mm diameter saddles
    Nanorail deluxe handrail to suit 15mm thick glass

    Nanorail to suit 15mm thick glass

    Benefits & features:

    • Stainless steel 316L
    • Suits 15mm thick glass
    • Polish & satin finish

    Madrid deluxe

    Suits 12mm to 17.52mm thick glass

    • SS2205 in polish or satin finish
    • Timeless square design with minimal visible fixings
    • 45mm front profile - 120mm deep throat for extra clamping strength
    • Core drill spigot features an M10 adjustment bolt allowing up to 60mm of vertical height adjustment, an earthing point, and extra anchoring in footings
    • Recessed friction plate provides a neat finish and easy installation
    • Extra friction plate included for 15mm & 17.52mm thick glass

    Ideal for 15mm & SGP laminated glass installation


    Madrid matt black stainless steel

    Madrid matt black spigots

    • Duplex stainless steel 2205
    • Balustrade and pool fence compliant
    • Modern 45mm front profile
    • Core drill spigot features M10 bolt at bottom which allows up to 60mm of vertical height adjustment, is a contact point for earthing and provides extra anchoring in footings
    • Recessed friction plate for neat finish and easy installation
    • Tapered packer included (1mm to 1.5mm) to enable tilt adjustment of glass
    • Suits 12mm thick glass
    • Powder coated with Interpon matt black powder

    Matt black glass standoffs

    • Stainless steel 316
    • Standoff sizes:
      38mm x 25mm / 45mm or 50mm x 20mm / 30mm / 50mm
    • Heavy duty 12mm M12 threaded screw - Screws through entire body allowing flexibility in installation
    • Precision machining on cap with bevelled edge
    • Suits 12mm thick glass
    • Powder coated with Interpon matt black powder
    Matt black stainless steel glass standoff pins

    Satin finish offset round stainless steel handrail

    Satin finish
    euro offset 50.8mm range

    • Available in 5800mm lengths
    • 1.5mm wall thickness
    • Stainless steel 316L - low carbon stainless steel
    • Premium smooth satin finish

    Semi frameless systems

    Glass Outlet offers two different ranges of semi-frameless balustrade: The Australis 50mm Aluminium series and the MOD40/50 series (available in square or round)

    The Australis 50mm Aluminium Series is a complete balustrade system which offers ease of installation as well as being visually stunning. Post extrusions are produced in Alloy Grade 6005A. Each extrusion is produced in accordance with AS/NZS 1866:1977.

    The MOD40/50 stainless steel system offers a sleek finish with matching hardware, handrail and fittings. Available in square or round profiles; SS316.

    Frameless and semi-frameless balustrade systems

    This popular range is suitable for both pool fencing and balustrade, now available with more options and accessories!

    One way post

    One way post

    Two way post

    Two way post

    90 degree post

    90 degree post

    Three way post

    Three way post

    Half post

    Half post

    135 degree post

    135 degree post


    Ideal for balustrade!


    Premium offset Australis brackets

    • No welding required
    • Hidden fixings
    • Quick and easy installation
    • Available in silver and black powder coat or mill finish

    Suits Double webbed posts!


    Australis double webbed posts