Pronto Louvres

A Complete fixed louvre system

Pronto Louvres are a patented fixed blade louvre system featuring the ability for non-weld or weld assembly. Louvres are popular for residential and commercial applications providing superior privacy and shading from the sun while still allowing air flow.

A key feature of the system is the patented friction fit panel side frames where louvre blades are inserted and held in position. The resulting sturdy friction fit allows for quick assembly of panels and ensures no rattle which is common with standard punched box section assembly.


A complete
louvre system

Pronto Louvres have been designed with speed and ease of assembly as a primary consideration.

The complete system includes a range of extrusions with slotted spacings at either nil or 9mm spacing to suit the ever popular slimline 88mm elliptical louvre blade.

Heavy duty side frames suitable for manufacture of gates are available as well as a range of accessories such as top caps.


Louvre options

two louvre blade options to choose from

  1. 88mm x 11mm louvre blade

  2. 88mm x 11mm louvre blade with screw flutes


A COMPLETE range of extrusions to suit many install situations


Eco friendly

Pronto Louvres are made from aluminium - the most abundant metal in the Earth’s crust and third most abundant element (after oxygen and silicon). There are no ongoing painting issues with powder coated aluminium louvres.


Fire retardant

Aluminium is described as non-combustible. When aluminium is exposed to a prolonged fire environment it will begin to melt (not burn) with a melting point between 600 and 660 degrees celsius. Aluminium louvres are an excellent choice where fire risk requires consideration.


Weather & insect proof

Aluminium is impervious to insects and termites plus the non-porous surface is naturally resistant to fungi, mould and mildew. It is also unaffected by exposure to sunlight and water making it ideal for louvre/screening solutions.


Light weight

Aluminium weighs approximately one third of a piece of steel that is the same size and shape. Pronto Louvres are made by extruding aluminium which allows for optimisation of shape to maximise strength and reduce weight.


Colour stability

Powder coating aluminum provides outstanding long term colour fastness and stability - this means powder coated louvres are ideal for the Australian climate.


Rust proof

Aluminium does not rust. With a powder coated or imaged finish, Pronto Louvres may be enjoyed for the long term with minimal maintenance and no worry of corrosion.