Our comprehensive range of stainless steel wire

Wire balustrade combined with timber and glass provides a modern finish to any home with the highest quality electropolished SS316 wire.

We offer everything you need to create a stunning stainless steel wire balustrade.


Australia’s largest range to the trade only

We are a one-stop shop for the trade industry, supplying a wide range of the highest quality stainless steel wire products at amazing trade prices.


Our products include:

› 7x7 stainless steel wire rope - 100m or 305m rolls
› 1x19 stainless steel wire rope - 100m or 305m rolls
› Square and round blank posts plus 50x10mm intermediate posts
› Drilled and tapped round base plated posts
› Huge range of fittings and accessories
› Cut to size wire service
› Stainless steel wire trellis kits


Wire rope options


7x7 stainless steel wire rope

  • 3.2mm thick wire

  • Stainless steel 316

  • 100m or 305m rolls


1x19 stainless steel wire rope

  • 3.2mm thick wire

  • Stainless steel 316

  • 100m or 305m rolls


Produced by a single manufacturer with 25 years of production excellence. Consistency of quality assured


Electropolish process improves corrosion resistance and provides a shiny and smooth surface


Extra ultrasonic washing step ensures the brightest wire finish available


Popular install examples

View our videos below outlining the most popular ways to install the Breezewire stainless steel wire range

Swageless wire

Swaged wire

Hand swaged wire


Posts for every job

We have an extensive range of posts available for a variety of different installation situations


50x50mm post

Used as finishing post


Ø50.8mm post

Used as finishing post


50x10mm post

Used as intermediate post


12mm spreader post

Used as intermediate post


Drilled and tapped Ø50.8mm post round base plated posts

Left and right, 90° corner and mid posts

Kit includes

  • 50.8mm round post with 11x drilled and tapped M6 holes (3mm wall thickness)

  • Pre-welded base plated

  • Domical cover

  • 2x top plates suitable for flat or 50.8mm round handrail

Benefits and features

  • 982mm high post with pre-welded base plate

  • SS316 in mirror polish #800 finish

  • 11x drilled and tapped holes allow M6 threaded fixings to be screwed in

  • Mid post holes are not tapped - wire and fittings pass straight through posts

  • Industry first solution!


Swageless fittings

Easy and forgiving swageless wire installation with self gripping terminals on both ends of the wire


1. Swageless fork terminal

2. Stainless steel wire rope

3. Swageless rigging screw


Cut to size wire system


Simply provide your opening sizes and we will cut wire to size & swage with everything you need for your job - ready for install!


Installation styles


Rigging screw and fork terminal


Lag screw threaded terminals


Threaded terminals


Free delivery to capital cities Australia wide

*Conditions apply


Stainless steel wire trellis kits

Kits available in 2.5m, 5m and 10m lengths

1x turnbuckle, 2x saddles, 2x lag eye screws & 2x wire rope grips included in all kits